About the Jims


Jim B

JimB is a writer, podcaster, and avid social media advocate. Formerly the creator and host of the enormously celebrated The Delivery and the Strange Worlds Travelogue, JimB has embarked on a new voyage as an author. You’ll often see JimB on Twitter geeking out, agonizing over his favorite sports teams, or searching for a full-time social media gig (Hire him! Please! For all our sake!).



Jim J

JimJJimJ is a science fiction nerd, wood carver, jazz lover, native of the east coast, and graduate of Virginia Tech. He has a bachelors degree in mechanical engineering but humbly refuses to call himself “The Science Guy” like another person with the same credentials. After 15 years Jim got bored with engineering, doubly so because he was working in Washington, DC, where he developed his healthy disdain for federal bureaucracy. Jim jumped ship and embarked on a new career doing graphic design, videography and other fun creative stuff through www.forge5.com.